Mobile-Friendly Test – How will Google’s update affect my website?

Google has modified their search algorithm again and in view of their big update on April 21 (see links below), this will impact all websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. You can check your website by putting your URL through a Google Mobile-Friendly Test and check whether your website is ready to face Google’s update:

» Check your website’s mobile friendliness

[Update] In addition—or alternatively—you can test your mobile speed via Think with Google.

Despite delivering a 100% user experience, your website may also lagging behind in page speed, both in mobile and desktop, and needs to be fixed.

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Should you and your website be concerned? Sources say the new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm will have several times more of an impact on Google’s search results than the Google Panda or Penguin update did, and you might end up losing up to 60% of your traffic. I can’t vouch for that percentage, but it definitely raises some eyebrows!

What can I do to avoid being penalized?

To be on the safe side, consider converting your website to a fully responsive website that is functional on all mobile platforms. You should also optimize your website for mobile search in conformity with Google updates. And of course if you need assistance, contact a web professional such as myself!

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