why choose m.e.?

Need a professional look for your existing brand or startup? Perhaps you are having trouble communicating your message, or your identity is amateur and needs a facelift? Good news—you found m.e.!

Outstanding Creative Marketing Concepts

I solve problems. I approach projects as puzzles. What fits where and does it look good? Scratch that. I don’t want it to look “good”. I want it to look great! In fact, I don’t want my name associated with anything mediocre and strive for perfection in every pixel. But it’s not all about beauty… If I don’t create something to address the needs of your target audience, then I haven’t done my job. That being said, I don’t design great websites or fantastic logos for you—I create marketing materials for your customers, with their goals in mind.

Service… With a Smile

I take pride in offering great customer service. If you email me, I’ll email you back. Same goes for phone calls. I’m the designer and account executive so you’re direction will never be filtered. And if you’re paying my bills, I’ll make it my priority to be in a good mood!

Customer Satisfaction

Know what makes m.e. happy? Making you happy. I promise I will. But if by chance you don’t want to take my word for it, take a look at what some of my satisfied clients are saying!

Affordable Advertising, Marketing & Design

Low cost usually means low quality, but not with m.e. I have low overhead and unbloated cost levels. I make every effort to work within your reasonable budget. Turnkey services are no problem, and I will make every effort to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Choose m.e. and you will get agency-quality creative for significantly less than agency rates.

Experience + Personalized Attention

If you choose m.e. to boost your brand’s image, you will not only feel the years of experience brought to the table, but you will be able to realize the return on your investment. I work directly with clients, so you get to speak to the person designing—no filters, no communication breakdown—giving your project the personalized attention it deserves.


I hold a great mix of understanding for all facets of graphic design. I was originally trained as a production artist and print designer, so I am well-versed in printing processes and techniques. I also have the digital skills and technical know-how of the internet and dynamic content for web-based projects.

Flexibility and Scalability

Being a virtual studio allows m.e. to work on virtually any project. I have a great network of partners I work with on a regular basis and can assemble a team of copywriters, programmers, project managers and other designers speedy-quick to work on larger projects. We’ll come together like Voltron and form a united front! Then when the project is complete we’ll each do a back handspring or somersalt and go our separate ways until your needs have us coming back for more.