about m.e.

Matt Everley - Hickory, NC Graphic DesignerHowdy!

I’m Matt Everley, and this is my handy-dandy web site and lab space for creative experiments. My small web and graphic design studio is m.e.designlab—where I solve marketing problems by creating visual enjoyment for all ages. I also develop creative solutions for branding projects through art direction, logo design, web sites and marketing collateral for clients and agencies of all shapes and sizes. No graphic design job is too large or too small, so let’s talk.

The Business Side

Whether you are a Marketing Director for a small to medium-sized business, a Creative Director for an advertising agency, or a solo entrepreneur with a start-up idea, I will work with you to deliver outstanding creative solutions with measurable results. I will help you determine the best solutions for your company and your budget—not what is going to make the most money for m.e. I like the relationships I experience while working with others and take the time to get to know my clients on a personal level.

The Personal Side

I’m an NC native and a family man—I am married to my beautiful wife Lauren and we have three wonderful girls. I like to think I’m an all-around good guy. I’m honest and try to be as up front as possible with everyone I interact with. I love God and this world we live in, and have worked with many Christian and Non-profit organizations. I am always looking to learn new things and continuously read the latest design and marketing books to quench my thirst for knowledge and to stay on the cutting edge of this ever-changing industry.

I love tootsie pops and craft beer. (Well, not together, but wouldn’t that make a great collaboration brew?) I am amazed and inspired by nature. And unlike a lot of people my age, I actually like to exercise.

I conceived a design project called Beer-Type Logos, where I designed 52 font-inspired craft beer logos—one per week for an entire year. I also have a craft beer podcast with two of my friends called 3 Beers Down. We review beer and talk about all sorts of interesting stuff. It’s North Carolina’s go-to podcast for craft beer culture… you should really check it out!

The Travel Side

I love to travel. Seeing as much of this world as I can makes me happy. I’ve traveled all over the place for business and art direction: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Kansas, New York and Las Vegas—as well as the Caribbean: Barbados, St. Maarten, Aruba and St. Croix. I’ll travel for you as well!

I’ve backpacked throughout Europe twice and have been all up and down the East Coast. I’ve also been to Hawaii, Colorado and the Grand Canyon, but that’s just not enough!


I graduated in Graphic Communications with a minor in Design from NC State University—Go Pack! I began my career as a print designer and production artist, but most of my work today is web design and brand development. I started m.e.designlab in 2002 while living in Chapel Hill, NC and working for a small B2B ad agency in Raleigh, NC called The Art Group where I started as an intern and worked my way through the ranks to art director. I moonlighted on nights and weekends for a few great clients over the years and was constantly (to my wife’s chagrin) working on the computer—learning front-end web development and honing my graphic design skills. After 6 years with the agency, I decided to leave to pursue my career elsewhere and explore the advertising world. I continued to build a client list in the RTP area and picked up a steady freelance gig as an art director with Ogilvy One in Durham working 10-15 hours a week and focusing the rest of my time on my own design studio. Meanwhile, I was also hired as a part-time graphic designer for Divi Resorts. During all of this, my wife and I were busy with a new baby girl and since I had no ties to an actual desk, we were free to move about as we pleased. So naturally, we headed home to Hickory where we’ve been ever since!