Beer-Type Logos: Brewery-style logo designs created from font names

Beer-Type Logos

1 year. 52 logos. Holy crap.

Beer-Type Logos is a personal graphic design project where I have challenged myself to create 52 logos—1 logo per week for the entire year of 2015—that use a different font to create a unique brewery or beer logo. The idea for was born from the many taphandle graphics I have done over the past year for Granite Falls Brewing Company in Granite Falls, North Carolina. I have been completing small, one-off type treatments for GFB that have inspired me to create my own line of brewery-style logos and now have an active blog where I showcase these logos and the beer and fonts that inspired them.

Drafting design inspiration from two things I love

I have several goals and objectives in this endeavor, and you can read more about this project here. But for the most part, I’m doing it for the love of beer and type. I’m fascinated with craft beer and tasting the many offerings of North Carolina and beyond. And likewise I’m totally consumed with logo design and the fonts used to create them.

What better way to celebrate craft beer and design?

Take a look at Weeks 1 thru 12 below…

Beer-Type Logo Examples

Brewery-style logo designs created from font names

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  1. Kristina Hughes says:

    Nice showcase! The greenwood is one of my favorite design indeed..

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