A Web Designer's New Year's Resolutions for 2012

New year… new resolutions! Here’s a list I’d like to make public of my new year’s resolutions as a web designer. (By making it public, I’m hoping I’ll stay on track a bit more.) They are in somewhat particular order, but who knows in which order they will be completed. These may take me all year, but here’s to trying!

1) Responsive Web Design

I’m passionate and determined to make the web sites I craft more “responsive” in 2012. What does this mean? In a nutshell, a responsive web site “responds” to the device and web browser the user is viewing. For example, instead of creating separate, fixed width sites for desktop and mobile experiences, a responsive web site uses a fluid grid, flexible images and media queries to determine how to serve up content to best fit the user’s viewport. For more information, you can view this post on Responsive Web Design. Too much webby jargon for the non-web folks out there? Just know this means a better experience for the user, no matter what device he/she uses to view a web site.

2) New Self-Promotional Web Site

This is a biggie. I pretty much have this resolution every year, but 2012 is THE year it’s going to happen! Last January, I wrote a blog article entitled 10 Reasons to Update Your Web Site Design. My current site stands up to this debate fairly well, but there is MUCH room for improvement. It’s been approximately 10 years since I have introduced a totally new site design—yes, I said 10 years! I can say that’s a testament to the timeless design I produced so long ago. I can also say my own web site has evolved quite a bit with the changing times. I have continually tweaked my web site through the years and I constantly update it with new content, but it has been that long since a new design. Time for a change!

3) New Web Hosting

Simply said, I’ve been with the same host for 10 years as well. And while I’m not totally dissatisfied, it’s time to move on.

4) E-mail Newsletter

I set these up for my clients all the time, why not create one for myself? Exactly. Begin with an e-mail subscription sign-up on my [new] web site, build on my list of contacts, start blasting out e-newsletters every quarter or so with promotional news, industry tips, latest portfolio updates and highlights from my blog. Exactly.

5) More Blogging, More Social Media

I feel I have a decent handle on my own blog and social media, but there is always more to do. The industry is constantly evolving and I fully intend to keep up with this movement personally, promotionally, and for all my clients.

6) Offer More Web Marketing Services

I intend to offer more web marketing-based services in 2012, including search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM), and Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns with tracking. I’ve offered these in previous years as well, but I have never pushed them to their huge potential. I’d also like to push a bit more for monthly services to produce a steady revenue stream on a monthly basis.

Looking Ahead, and a Way to Look Back

This blog post was created as a site map for 2012. I intend to reference this list throughout the year and be accountable towards my goals for the new year. And although it’s geared specifically for me, perhaps it will give you a little kick in the pants as well.

What are your web site New Year’s resolutions or business goals for 2012? Share them in the comments below!

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