In branding design, the logo comes first!

Well, I can’t say that with 100% accuracy, but 99.9% of the time the logo drives the look and feel of a campaign and establishes your brand. Colors, shapes, typeface, etc. are the building blocks of any branding campaign.

I strongly dislike when potential client comes to me and says, “I need a web site fast, but I don’t have a logo yet.” That’s all well and great, but you’re putting the cart before the horse. Or they ask, “Can’t you drop my new logo into my [pre-designed] brochure or web site?” Yes, I could do that. But I would advise against it. The web site and logo design simply won’t mesh together like this. Even if the web layout is custom-designed, it still has a really good chance of looking cookie-cutter.

But I need a logo designed fast!

So what to do if you’re in a rush? Depends on what you mean by “in a rush.” If you’re thinking you’ll get a truly custom designed logo and web site in a week, then you’re sadly mistaken. And if you’re in such a rush that you’re willing to bypass the development of a logo in exchange for getting a web site up and running, that’s a bad thing too.

A logo drives the identity of a company, therefore establishing that company’s brand. By taking design elements such as colors, shapes and typography from the logo, a graphic designer (such as myself) can begin to develop a solid, cohesive branding campaign. From logo, to business card, to direct mail and landing pages, a unified look will strengthen your company’s image within your target market.

Before we get too far down the road to a fantastic branding campaign, think about what a logo does. A logo visually communicates which brand owns which product, service or other offering. The simpler the concept can soak into the target markets’ brains the better.

What if I don’t have a budget for a professional logo design for my new company?

First thing that comes to my mind is if you don’t have a budget for professional logo design, then maybe you shouldn’t be considering starting a business. A logo is a basis for your image and overall brand. Without a strong logo, you will not convey a strong image. Without a strong image, you won’t appear as a strong and together company—no matter how great your product or service. If you are not going to put an emphasis on being perceived as a serious player, you are going to have a hard time selling.

A company’s logo is the building block for the look and feel of any branding campaign. It’s the stepping stone to color schemes for your marketing materials, and a head-start for design elements for your web site. Without a strong logo design, your are going to have to fight harder for a professional image. So why not hire a professional logo designer?

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