Beer-Type Logos Resurrected

Beer-Type Logos

It’s been 7 seven years… and 5 years since any posts to my personal beer branding project called Beer-Type Logos. I have missed it for two reasons:

  1. Because I don’t get to show off my beer branding skillz.
  2. Because I don’t get to show off my beer branding skillz!

Yes, I realize both reasons are the same, but hear me out. I started this logo design project waaaaay back in 2015 in order to be inspired and inspire others. I was continually on the lookout for new craft beers to try, new fonts to try, and a way to display my passion for both. The logos themselves were a ton of work, but I’ve missed creating them. I also endured this project in order to garner relationships with craft breweries (and other beverage companies) and to get more graphic design work in the craft beer market. Well, it happened! So now almost 7 years later, I get to show off my skills again, but this time for logo designs, packaging, websites and other marketing collateral created as by-products of my Beer-Type Logos.

About the Beer-Type Logos Project

For the entire year of 2015, I challenged myself to design 52 logos—1 per week—using a different font to create a unique brewery-style beer logo. The driving factor of the design for each beer-type logo was the font itself. The name of the font and the style dictated the direction of the logo and whether or not I made it all type or integrated other design elements such as icons, flourishes, etc.

About the Resurrection of Beer-Type Logos

For the entire year of 2023, I’m challenging myself once again to promote the type, design, and inspiration behind some of my favorite logos, packaging, websites and marketing collateral I’ve created since the launch of the original Beer-Type Logos. You can read more about the Resurrection of Beer-Type Logo Design and the reasons why on that website.

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