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Insight is 20/20:

So it’s been said. It’s never a bad time to start a blog, market your services and get going. What’s to follow is a graphic designer’s perspective on clients, marketing, web site design and development and a slew of other creative, business-related topics.

Who am I?

My name is Matt Everley and I work with small business owners and agencies to create marketing material, which they in turn use to get more sales and more clients. (Not a bad elevator pitch to start with, eh?). I’m an independent branding consultant, high-end art director and freelance graphic designer who works out of an in-home studio and highly skilled in web design, front-end development, advertising, logos, branding elements, etc. I enjoy creating a branded identity for startups and small businesses—starting with a logo, then stationery, web site, marketing collateral, direct mail—all being unified and carrying out a theme.

I’m a graduate of NC State University, holding a B.S. in Graphic Communications and a Minor in Design. I currently work and live in Hickory, NC with my wife and three daughters (yes, I now have three!). I have over 11 years of experience in professional graphic design and I’ve been in business for myself for over 6 years now. But enough about me for now…

Why am I starting this design blog?

The answer is 3-fold. First, it’s to market graphic design creative services on the web. Hopefully it won’t all be shameless self-promotion, but rather a web-based promotion of my business for any parties interested. As pioneer of standards-based web design Jeffrey Zeldman states in his article on self-promotion, “The baker in the medieval town square must holler ‘fresh rolls!’ if he hopes to feed the townfolk. The bread guy on the corner shouting ‘hot rolls here!’ has to get the word out somehow.” And what else showcases an intricate knowledge of web design and development besides a blog?

Secondly, it’s an opportunity to share my personal opinion on graphic design topics on the web. I’m a pretty shy guy most of the time and I would love to be able to post my opinions—whether biased or not. I fully intend on this blog becoming a creative outlet for the designer. It will additionally act as a showcase for recent graphic design and art direction projects, as well as a press section for news releases for my company.

Last but certainly not least, I’d like for this blog to provide design tips and relevant information for anyone wanting to market his/her business. I consider myself an expert in the industry, and I’m aiming to generate some industry tips for web design and development, and therefore contributing to the web design community.

What kinds of articles will come from this blog?

All sorts of things relating to graphic design on the web such as choosing a content management system, the pros and cons of creating custom web design vs. templates, why good design = good business, logo designer tips, and an ongoing laundry list of others. Startups and small business owners will see I am an expert in the web design industry and be able to tell that I offer experience in the world of design. Others in my industry can find tips and hopefully some solace in my words.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy! And thank you for your interest.

Matt Everley

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