about you

You’re the Hero! I am Your Guide.

Over the past 20 years or so (wow, did I really say that?) I’ve had the privilege to work with businesses large and small throughout the US such as IBM, Tyco, Allscripts and KGP Logistics, as well as various international accounts while working with Divi Resorts. But I’ll have to say I like working with individuals in those businesses the most because of the personal interaction. Here’s a little breakdown of the folks I like to partner with…

Small Businesses

Hey, I know small business—I am a small business! Being small means you need to keep a close watch on your budget and maintain a personal relationship with your company and employees. Let’s partner together to market that small business into something bigger!


I was once a startup as well. Plus, I’ve worked with a bunch of startups over the last decade or so and have a nifty feel for your needs. From logo and identity design, to marketing collateral, to website development—and everything in between, I’ll get your startup lookin’ sweet and super-pro.

Marketing Directors

I know what you’re looking for. Building a brand is a process with many facets, all of which can benefit from high-level graphic communication services. Well, you’re in luck! Because that’s exactly how I can partner with your company.


We go together like peas and carrots. Mike and Ike. Peanut butter and jelly. You need m.e. for inspiring creative ideas and usable layout. I need back-end developers and programmers because I can talk the talk, but not always walk the walk. Get the gist?

Ad Agencies & Creatives

You be the eyes, ears and mouth. I’ll be the hands. (We’ll leave the smell for someone else.) Let m.e. be part of your team to create something great for your clients. I’m a pro, you’re a pro. Let’s be pros together!