social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Sound familiar? You need to get social but where do you start? Or maybe you already have an established social presence but you are looking for new ways to grow. Or even still, maybe your target audience isn’t on one of the popular social media platforms—what then? m.e.designlab has been helping small businesses and startups navigate the open waters of social media since Facebook was only found on college campuses—and wants you to come aboard!

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Engaged social media users turn into loyal customers

Diversify your content, ask questions, post interesting quotes, add photos and videos. Changing up and repeatedly posting new content will keep your social community engaged—but does it all sound overwhelming? Don’t you wish you had someone to help?

m.e.designlab can assist with all your social media marketing needs…

  • Account setup
  • Custom branded pages and icon design
  • Social media management
  • Original content including photos, videos and events
  • Facebook cost-per-click (CPC) advertising campaigns
  • Adding social media feeds to your web site
  • Tracking and analysis to ensure your return on investment

Advanced social media users

Most companies do a great job promoting themselves through social media. And let’s face it, it’s not rocket-science to set up an account and make a few posts. But where most companies fail is consistently posting fresh and appealing content to keep followers engaged. You know it’s important, but it takes a ton of time! Plus, there are so many options. Let m.e. help you utilize social media to leverage your brand’s potential by providing…

  • Social media consulting and recommendations
  • Custom integration with your web site
  • Event promotion
  • Blog and content marketing services
  • Visual storytelling
  • Online reputation management

Contact m.e. today to learn more about social media marketing services!