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Beer-Type Logos

Beer-Type Logos

Wanna see a whole bunch of craft beer logo designs? Head on over to my personal graphic design project, where I've created 52 font-inspired craft beer logos—1 logo per week—for the entire year of 2015.

Herring Orthodontics Logo Design

Herring Orthodontics Logo & Branding

Logo design and branding elements for an orthodontist in Hickory, NC. The "smiley" face icon is used alone in various formats such as building signage and apparel.

bear chase logo identity design

Bear Chase Brewing Logo & Identity

Logo and stationery design for a "Destination Farm Brewery" in the mountains of northern Virginia. The shape of the state of Virginia is worked subtly into the bear paw icon, giving this Loudoun County craft brewery a proud identity.

restaurant brewery and distillery logo design

Restaurant, Brewery and Distillery Logo Design

Logo design for Cranford Hospitality's City Walk Brewing, City Walk Distilling, Cranford Brothers BBQ and Main Chick located in the "Old Pawn Shop" at 205 Main Avenue NE in downtown Hickory, NC.

Strategic Wellness Logo Design

Strategic Wellness Logo Design

Logo design and development for a functional medicine practice in downtown Hickory, NC. Strategic Wellness Center also has a med-spa which carries the same mark.

Foothills Folk Art Festival Logo Design

Foothills Folk Art Festival Logo Design

Logo for the Hickory Museum of Art's Foothills Folk Art Festival. This annual art festival celebrated local and regional folk artists annually in Downtown Newton, NC. (I also designed the previous logo for Lake Norman Folk Art Festival, featuring the chicken on the water.)

Logo Design for Charolais Steakhouse

Charolais Steakhouse

Logo design for a newly remodeled steakhouse in Hickory, NC. The new owners wanted to portray a high-end look, while also catering to their existing customer base.

WPCOG Logo Design

WPCOG Logo Design

Logo design and development for Western Piedmont Council of Governments. Logos were created for the umbrella of WPCOG, as well as their seven divisions.

Radicle Sprout Logo Design

Radicle Sprout

Logo design for an urban-style farm who sells microgreens at the Hickory, NC Farmer's Market. This logo design won an American Graphic Design Award from GDUSA Magazine.

3 Beers Down Craft Beer Podcast

3 Beers Down Craft Beer Podcast

Logo design for a craft beer podcast with two of my friends. Based in Hickory, NC, we love craft beer and strive to educate and entertain our listeners while promoting breweries and the local brew scene. Find us on iTunes or listen on our podcast website.

Viking Aerial Photography Logo Design

Viking Aerial Logo Design

Logo and branding for my side aerial drone photography business. The name Viking Aerial comes from the thirst for adventure that drove many vikings across the sea in search of treasures and new lands. In the same mindset, Viking Aerial sets out to find new perspectives for video and photography. This logo design won an American Graphic Design Award from GDUSA Magazine.

Granite Falls Brewing Logo

Granite Falls Brewing

Local brewhouse and restaurant in Granite Falls, NC who have their own line of craft beers and seasonal brews. Check out their full branding and identity, as well as packaging designs and advertising!

Warehouse Distillery Logo Design

Warehouse Distillery

Logo and identity design for a craft distillery in Newton, North Carolina.

Catawba County Social Services

Catawba County Social Services

The Dept. of Social Services of Catawba County was looking for a rebrand to put a more positive spin on their current "DSS" image and looked to m.e.designlab to provide a more positive and professional image.

Logo Design for Bethlehem Direct Care

Bethlehem Direct Care

Logo design for a direct primary care facility in Hickory, NC who work directly with their patients instead of through insurance or government agencies. Visit their website—also designed by m.e.—for more information.

All Gamers Logo Design

All Gamers Club

Logo design and development for a company providing gaming environments for video games, board games and card games in Hickory, NC.

Digital Signs Logo Design

Digital Signs

Logo design for a Raleigh, NC-based signage company who specializes in digital signs and displays for restaurants and retail stores.

In Your Home Logo Design

In Your Home Furnishings

Logo design and development for a retail furniture store in Hickory, NC.

Shuteye Mattress Logo

Shut-eye Mattress

Logo and identity for a mattress store in Hickory, NC.