packaging & label design

Nothing works better to sell your product than professional package and label design. m.e.designlab provides exceptional art direction and design for your product packaging. Let m.e. unite your packaging and label design with your logo, and carry over into your web site, trade show or other marketing materials to unite your brand visually and convey a stronger presence.

I have a special affection for craft beer label design, but I have over 20 years experience with all types or product communication—from socks to CD’s, craft beer to liquor, games to air filters—m.e.designlab is up to solve your packaging design problem!

» Check out some choice examples of creative packaging and label design.

m.e.designlab offers a full range of custom label and packaging solutions:

  • Design and layout for product packaging and labels
  • Custom die lines and creative package concepts unique for your product
  • Craft beer, wine, spirits and beverage label design
  • CD/DVD packaging design
  • Packaging inserts and memorable unboxing experiences for your brand
  • Coordination with printing vendors for a turnkey packaging solution

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